Thank you for visiting the contact page. Once you have filled in the form, the website sends a message to my email account. I aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours but at a maximum of 48 hours. I prefer to first send an email to provide you with my phone number for us to then be able to have a chat about your snooker coaching plans. By doing it this way I know how serious my potential players and clients are.


The security code at the bottom is to prevent my website from being spammed. Spamming websites target contact forms without security as they are able to send malicious code without the need for a person to manually enter such a security code. Less time spent monitoring my website for spam means more time spent coaching my players!

Oh and one last thing: my email address is shown above as a picture and not in text, again because spamming websites are able to send spam emails to my email address if it is written as standard text.

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I am based in Wembley, West London but happy to travel for a minimal fee.

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