commentHi patsy ,

Thanks for last night . Just did a two hour solo . Managed 7 reds 7 colours ( black / pink ) once . Plus managed 4 x 30+ breaks .

Cued much better and confident .

I'm enjoying the coaching and listening to your advice . I hope i can reproduce the improvement the next time we meet

It's beginning to click . I'm buzzing .

Cheers patsy !

Alan Hopkins

commentPatsy and I met in 1973 when he came into my local club in Charlton, Manchester to play a money match against me.  We turned professional around the same time in 1977 and we are both UK Champions - Patsy won the tournament in 1977 and myself a couple of years later in 1979.  We still remain great friends to this day.  I would not hesitate to recommend Patsy as a coach to any player - his knowledge of the game is second to none.

John Virgo

commentI have known Patsy since the early 70's - we played in the Irish team together with Alex Hurricane as our third man.  We have played in may Irish Championships together and numerous other tournaments.  Patsy was a great player and is a very nice chap.  He is an excellent coach - he has great knowledge and great patience - he is not too bad on the golf course either! 

Dennis Talylor

commentI've known Patsy since the early 70's.  We played professional snooker together during the 70's and 80's.  Patsy was a great player and has a wonderful knowledge of the game and we have remained good friends for the last 35 years.  He would be an inspirational coach.

Willie Thorne

Patsy's Snooker Coaching Services

Professional Snooker player Alfie Burden with coach Patsy Fagan


My professional coaching lessons are tailored for all standards of players from beginners to advanced. Whether you are just starting to play or if you have lots of experience, each coaching session will be prepared to suit the individual players standards, requirements and capabilities.

Perhaps one of my most well known players is the Harrow professional Alfie Burden. I have worked with Alfie for a number of years now and he continues to perform well at the very highest level.


Now you may not aspire to reach the professional level but for what does that matter? My coaching sessions are about ENJOYMENT and SATISFACTION. If you can improve by just a small percentage, let's say be being able to perform a specific positional shot better or by improving your long potting then you will have ACHIEVED. Snooker is not an easy game - if it was then we'd all be world champions and making money from the game. The fact is that if you are prepared to put some time into improving your game, setting yourself achievable goals to work towards and work with me to improve your technique and mental strength and awareness then you will be better for it.

I look forward to hearing from you with a view towards helping you to achieve your goals in the game of snooker.


Individual Coaching sessions


Individual Coaching

Individual coaching lessons are available at my local club or can travel to yours subject to travel expenses.
I charge £35 per hour - minimum 1 hour.

The following sessions are available:

  • 1-5 hourly sessions - £35 per hour
  • Full Day (6 hours with lunch in between) - 1 hour free = £175
  • Weekend (2 day) - 4 x 3 hour sessions - 2 hours free = £360
  • Full Week (5 day) - 10 x 3 hour sessions - 5 hours free = £875

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Group Coaching sessions


Group Coaching

If you are a group of friends interested in snooker coaching, then of course, we can perform group coaching sessions. These sessions will reduce your exposure time but also your cost per player. I regularly attend local snooker clubs to coach groups so if you can get a few of you together or ask if your team would like to have me come to your snooker club and coach you then please do get in touch for more information. I'd be pleased to discuss the number of players and the cost per player with you.

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